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April 15th 2014



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Take steps to protect yourself when choosing a tax preparer

If you ask your barber for a trim and end up with a buzz cut, your hair will grow back in a few months. But if an inept tax preparer makes a hash out of your tax return, the repercussions could haunt you for years.

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Legislation aims to crack down on tax return fraud

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D - FL) has introduced the Identity Theft and Tax Fraud Prevention Act of 2013 to Congress.  Nelson wants to lengthen jail time for tax-related identity theft convictions..
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Hunting for Tax Deductions?  Job Searches Can Be Rewarding

In today's corporate America, changing jobs is commonplace. Cutbacks, layoffs and corporate ladder climbing can all lead to a search for other employment. But the dreaded job search has an upside - tax deductions!

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Gail Perry is also the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief at AccountingWeb.com





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States Rack Up Victories in Bids to Collect Online Sales Taxes

The days of shopping online without paying sales taxes may be ending. States are cracking down and a nationwide system for collecting sales tax on online sales may be coming soon.
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Card Fees On Tax Payments Deductible, IRS Confirms

Credit or debit card convenience fees charged for paying federal individual income taxes electronically are deductible for some taxpayers who itemize, the Internal Revenue Service has announced.

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Recently Published Articles by Gail Perry



Obama Signs JOBS Act: What's in It for You?

After months of debate and scrutiny, President Obama signed the JOBS Act on April 5, 2012. This important new legislation is intended to spur job creation and economic growth by improving access to capital. more...

Accounting Jobs Are Safe in Current Economy

More than 1,400 CFOs across the country were interviewed and provided information for Robert Half International's quarterly Professional Employment Report. Key findings indicate that more than 90 percent of CFOs said they expect to maintain current levels of staff accounting positions for the second quarter of 2012. This represents a significant increase over the first quarter, when only 69 percent said they intend to maintain current personnel. Four percent of CFOs said they plan to add employees, and 5 percent indicate plans to decrease the number of staff positions. more...

Gone Phishing: Dealing with Internet Thugs

Have you ever received a message in your e-mail inbox that looks like it comes from a reputable company, like a bank or some other financial Web site or even the Internal Revenue Service, but there's something a bit amiss about the message 䨥 company is asking you to enter your password or username or it's asking for a PIN or Social Security or credit card number - information that company should already have. This attempt to collect information while posing as a recognizable company is known as phishing. more...


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